"Industrial Soundtrack is a whistle-stop tour of the genre genesis. It succeeds in capturing the sheer oddness of the nascent industrial scene"

"For such a small-scale production, Industrial Soundtrack boasts an impressive roster of interview subjects, but Ravalec and Collins do their film a service by keeping it concise and not digressing too far beyond the genre’s first wave."

"Interviews with Chris & Cosey, Genesis P. Orridge and Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder are interspersed with sombre, stringent images of northern England in the 1970s and early 1980s."

“Industrial music is finally getting the credit it deserves”: Director Amélie Ravalec introduces her new documentary"

"A new film on the history of industrial music and its surrounding subculture."

"Ten killer music docs to watch out for in 2015. Shot beautifully, the trailer intermingles interviews with footage of factory work and noise."


"Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay receives its film premiere at London’s BFI cinema on 8 May, followed by further screenings at London's ICA."


"10 Essential Films For 2015: Members of Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Cabaret Voltaire and more discuss the origins of industrial music."


"Scanner put together an excellent mix of industrial music for Industrial Soundtrack. Now Test Dept has followed suit."

 "The film traces how factories, politics, electronic beats, experimental noise and a punk mentality shaped a distinct style of sound that led an entire movement. Interview with co-director Travis Collins""

"Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay chronicles controversial genre's roots: Interview with co-director Travis Collins"

"We go behind the first film to trace the rise of Industrial music, the DIY noise of Generation Factory. Interview with director Amélie Ravalec."


"Long-term Quietus favourite Scanner has just turned in the mightiest of industrial mixes for Industrial Soundtrack"


“Industrial Soundtrack” has all the hallmarks of a fascinating documentary. It features contributions from a “who’s who” of important industrial bands and it promises to be a great watch."

"Un documentaire de 52 minutes autour de l’histoire et des acteurs qui ont permis l’émergence de la musique industrielle, en s’intéressant notamment au contexte sociopolitique duquel elle a émergé.


"Amélie Ravalec's latest film is putting focus on the avant-garde music that stemmed from jeopardised Industrial British cities in the 1970s."


"French film director Amélie Ravalec has been working on a new project with fellow filmmaker Travis Collins about the birth of Industrial Music."


"We have a chat with Travis Collins about the origins of the film and why the time was right for a documentary on industrial music."


"Partant à la rencontre d’une large frange des acteurs de ce mouvement  contestataire, le documentaire ambitionne de restituer le contexte social, politique et urbanistique de l’époque. Interview avec Amélie Ravalec."


"Industrial Soundtrack revient sur l'histoire et les acteurs qui ont permis l'émergence cette scène qui continue d'irriguer de nombreux courants musicaux"


"Après Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno, sorti en mai 2012, Amélie Ravalec annonce son deuxième documentaire. "


"The film was co-directed by former RTRFM presenter and DJ Travis Collins and he joinedBreakfast with Caitlin to talk about his foray into film."


"Nous avons posé des questions à Amélie sur son nouveau film, ses liens avec la musique industrielle et son label Fondation Sonore"


"Directors Travis Collins and Amélie Ravalec's live Q&A on Reddit."


"We were fortunate to get a brief Q&A with Amélie Ravalec and Travis Collins"